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Six Year Roofing Mistake

I went on a roof leak estimate a couple of days ago. There was water entering the upstairs master bathroom. Quite a bit of water was coming in as they had two five gallon buckets to catch it all.

After inspecting the roof it was obvious that it was coming from the exhaust vent. What completely took me by surprise is that the house is six years old and the homeowners hadn’t had any work done on the roof. This has been like this for six years!Image of a bathroom vent on the roof
The vent installed way to low based on where the cut in the shingles are. Someone made a huge miscalculation. You can see the dark area between the shingle and the lip of the vent. That is actually the exposed area of the roof decking. Apparently that area started leaking just recently.
The fix will entail cutting new shingles down lower on the vent so the the back and sides are covered with shingle. We also install ice and water shield over the wood decking. Ice and water shield is a rubberized asphalt membrane that makes an area that it is applied to waterproof.
We then install new shingles matching the color and style of the existing ones. Finally we reinstall the vent and reseal all the shingles around the repair to insure they won’t blow off.

Whenever we are installing a new roof it is always important to reinspect everything to prevent this type of situation occurring.


Vince is a roofing contractor in the Columbus Ohio area. He is the founder of Roof Express Plus.

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