The Metrodome Roof Collapses

The roof collapsed at the Minneapolis Metrodome after a snow storm dumped 17 inches of snow on it.

Birdair Inc. of Amherst, N.Y., is going to inspect the roof and give recommendations on how to proceed with a repair. I’d like to see that estimate.

This apparently is the fifth time this roof has collapsed by snow since it was originally installed in 1982. The roof is made of Teflon coated fiberglass entirely supported by air pressure.

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Roofing Search Stories

This is a cool video app from Google/Youtube. It’s kind of fun to play around with on a snowy day. It only took a few minutes to make.

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Six Year Roofing Mistake

I went on a roof leak estimate a couple of days ago. There was water entering the upstairs master bathroom. Quite a bit of water was coming in as they had two five gallon buckets to catch it all.

After inspecting the roof it was obvious that it was coming from the exhaust vent. What completely took me by surprise is that the house is six years old and the homeowners hadn’t had any work done on the roof. This has been like this for six years!Image of a bathroom vent on the roof
The vent installed way to low based on where the cut in the shingles are. Someone made a huge miscalculation. You can see the dark area between the shingle and the lip of the vent. That is actually the exposed area of the roof decking. Apparently that area started leaking just recently.
The fix will entail cutting new shingles down lower on the vent so the the back and sides are covered with shingle. We also install ice and water shield over the wood decking. Ice and water shield is a rubberized asphalt membrane that makes an area that it is applied to waterproof.
We then install new shingles matching the color and style of the existing ones. Finally we reinstall the vent and reseal all the shingles around the repair to insure they won’t blow off.

Whenever we are installing a new roof it is always important to reinspect everything to prevent this type of situation occurring.

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Chimney Flashing the Wrong Way

Chimney Flashing and Your Roof

Improperly repairing a leaking chimney can cause more problems. When your roof is leaking around the chimney then you know you have a problem that won’t go away. It needs to be addressed otherwise water will come in every time it rains.

If the chimney is leaking around the base, or where the roof meets the brick, then it likely needs to be re-flashed. That is the metal around the base needs to be taken out and new metal installed. This is not a job for the inexperienced.

We see all sorts of failed attempts at a cheap fix. Some done by the homeowner, but all too often the repair is performed by a roofer that isn’t completely trained in how to re-flash a chimney. This is one of the more complicated roof repairs a homeowner will be faced with.

We recently saw such an attempt on a chimney. The person trying to repair it applied some type of asphalt based sealant to the flashing in hopes of stopping the leak. I don’t know what they used, it may have been driveway sealer. As you can see from the picture it was clearly not the appropriate material.

Improper Chimney Flashing

Asphalt is waterproof but it is vulnerable to UV degradation. Without some type of protective coating it will crack, allowing water to penetrate. This particular repair also caused additional problems that will need to be addressed. Ultimately it will cause the eventual repair to the chimney to be more expensive than it would have otherwise been. There is also increased damage to the interior of the house.

This is one roof repair that should absolutely be performed by an experienced roofing contractor.

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Leaky Skylights

Roofing Repair and Leaking Skylights

Skylights provide an excellent source of light and are often installed in areas of the home that would otherwise be very dark. Some skylights have a screen and can be opened to provide ventilation as well.

There are a number of reasons a skylight can leak. The most common reason is that the skylight was improperly installed. This is something that may not present itself for years. Sometimes the skylight was installed by a do-it-yourselfer or perhaps by an inexperienced roofer. A skylight can look like it is installed properly but really isn’t. The only way an improper installation is discovered is when the light actually begins to leak.

There are several installations steps that are often overlooked and the installer never knows the consequences of the improper installation because he is long gone when the skylight leaks. Even the smallest defect in the install will cause the skylight to leak around the base or the curb of it. Often the installer neglects to place ice and water shield around the base. Sometimes too many nails are placed in the step flashing that surrounds the curb and eventually allow water to get in.

Another area a skylight can leak is where the pane of glass meets the seal. This is a somewhat rare occurrence on a well made skylight but should not be overlooked. In either case the water entering the house will pool at the bottom or lower pitched portion of the frame of the skylight.

One style of skylight that has a very poor track record in regards to leaking is what is called a “self flashing” skylight. They are one piece and are formed from plastic. They are bubble shaped and are usually amber in color. They are much less expensive than a well made curbed skylight and are often used in new construction. If you have one of these types of skylights then you will really need to replace it with a better one. They are very difficult to get them to stop leaking once they have started. They also become more brittle as they age so they have a tendency to crack when they get worked on.

In rare circumstances a skylight will appear to be leaking when in reality the moisture is due to condensation. This normally is not seen on double paned skylight as they provide enough insulation from the cold outside air to prevent water from condensing on them. The way to determine that this is occurring is if water id over the entire glass area and not just at the bottom corners. This would only occur in a house that was very humid as well. Another way to eliminate the possibility of condensation causing the leak is if it only occurs when it is cold outside.

It’s important to get the skylight repaired as soon as possible so as to not cause more damage to the surrounding area of the drywall and wood that frames the light. Once it has begun to leak it is not going to get better and likely will become worse over time. One characteristic of skylight leaks is that may have been leaking for some time before water appeared inside the house. This often means that the wood decking around the skylight will need to be replace due to rotting. You will certainly want to repair the leak before the structural of the house begin to decay.

It’s best to find an experienced roofer that will either replace or reflash the skylight. You would be better off not considering anyone that suggests applying roof cement or other materials as a stop gap measure because these types of roof repair techniques don’t last. They also make the inevitable professional repair that much more difficult to do.

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Chimney Caps

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are rain and animal shields which may be secured to the flue protruding out of your chimney. It inhibits rain from proceeding down the chimney and straight into the fire place, the built in mesh screen surrounding the chimney cap prevents birds and animals from going into the chimney. The cap additionally prevents leaves and various other kinds of debris from gathering in the flue.

To be able to be certain that your residence will be secure, you ought to have your chimney checked out routinely, preferably once a season. In addition to the inspection, you should really seek the services of a professional so that you can make certain that the chimney is clear.

Any chimney that is full of debris will not simply draw in pests, but is actually additionally a fire hazard. Regular maintenance and maintaining the chimney protected with chimney caps is the best strategy to make certain that your house is kept in excellent operating order.

Indicators that your chimney ought to be cleaned out consist of having smoke fill your open fireplace, the presence of critters and unwanted pests, and precipitation coming via the chimney. All of these have their bad potentialities, but an overabundance of rain water could contribute to a lot of problems to your roof and property. It is definitely vital that you keep chimney caps on strongly in order to guard yourself and your family from all problems.

Whenever you have your fireplace inspected, you actually may possibly find that the most effective thing to do is to get a pro install the chimney cap for you. This will protect you from having to go up upon top of your roof and assures that the cap is assembled and put in properly. A roofer can at the same time make certain that your chimney is thoroughly clean and in proper working order.

You may also be glad to find out that when it comes to deciding on chimney caps, there are many options offered. Chimney caps may perhaps be constructed out of copper or galvanized/stainless steel. These types of metals are quite durable and help make sure that that you will enjoy the benefits of your fireplace while being sure that the d├ęcor and design and style of your house is enhanced. The best choice may be stainless steel. The painted galvanized steel caps may eventually rust and they are only a handful of dollars less than the stainless. The copper caps definitely will continue working as long as the stainless, however as you can expect they are generally somewhat high priced,

Although most chimney trades-people can put in chimney caps, it is also very standard for a roofing contractor to offer this particular service while they are examining, repairing or updating your roofing. The increased labor needed while the contractor is on location is small due to the fact you are bypassing the charge associated with travel time. You can also install this yourself if you feel comfortable on your roof (although for reasons of safety we recommend having a roofer do the work.

The most popular size of chimney cap is 13 by 13 inches and costs about fifty dollars for the cap. So probably for a little more you could have it installed while the contractor is there.

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ABC Finalizes Purchase of Bradco

Bradco Sale to ABC Supply Gets Finalized

ABC Supply wraps the deal to purchase Bradco according to a story in The Business Journal of Milwaukee.
Bradco had sales of 1.5 billion dollars in ’09 compared to ABC’s sales of 4 billion. Bradco was a bigger player in the roofing material supply arena than many realized. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Did ABC purchase Bradco to eliminate the competition? Or do they plan to have a more concentrated presence in current markets?
I can’t imagine all the former Bradco locations will continue to produce at the current volume levels. Many markets have ABC and Bradco locations almost side-by-side so it wouldn’t make sense to keep both locations open.
ABC’s locations averaged a little over $8 million in sales at its 479 stores and Bradco was at a little over $11 million at its 129 locations.
No details about how much ABC paid for Bradco. This is the first big acquisition since the death of ABC’s founder. Hope it works out for them.

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Owens Corning Duration Shingle Sweepstakes

Owens Corning – Sell Duration Shingle

Owens Corning has publicized a sweepstakes to which may be of interest to home owners considering installing a new roof.

They are hosting a nationwide contest involving everyone that gets a new roof installed on their house. The main requirement is that you must use Owens Corning Duration style dimensional shingle.The offer is you agree to have your roof replaced with Owens Corning Duration Style shingle installed on your home.

Then they want you to snap a pic of your house with the new Duration shingles installed and forward it along to OC.

They will award $500 to monthly prize winners from June to October. Those five winners will then compete for the top prize of (up to) $10,000. The grand prize dollar amount is supposed to compensate you for your roof if it costs no more than the $10,000. If it you paid less than that amount you don’t get the whole ten grand.

The winners will be determined by a public vote and a panel of judges from Owens Corning in what I suppose is an homage to way we elect a president in these United States.

Doesn’t it seem like every contest has so many conditions and qualifiers it just makes you lose interest?

If you are going to have your roof replaced with these shingles anyway, you might as well send in your pic. I’d read the rules first though. You can read more about it at Owens Corning web site or search for “that’s my roof”.

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Photovoltaic Roof Tiles – Solar Shingles

Solar Shingles – Photovoltaic Roof Tiles

A good number of consumers are considering the practicality of putting in solar roofing tiles on their dwelling. This specific post could guide you begin to lay down the research regarding this project. The features are of great benefit yet the actual price tag may possibly be too high.

The latest state of Photovoltaic or PV tiles is far advanced from the classic solar energy systems of a few years ago. Present panels are generally substantially thinner than they were in the past these also typically interlock and are significantly simpler to wire-up and attach. The choice of configurations and dimensions is extremely wide-ranging and so gaining a solar power system which operates best with your individual house is achievable.

The actual appearance of latest systems integrates suitably in to the roof helping to make it the most suitable choice where appearance would end up being an issue to friends and neighbors or Home Owners Associations.

Photovoltaic shingles have a slender solidstate photovoltaic or PV cell that turns sunlight in to electrical energy. The photovoltaic cell is actually incorporated directly into the tile in order to create a roof panel that also produces electricity.

When you fit them on your property they will supply your house with electrical power and any excess may be sold back to the energy utility. They call for hardly any servicing and they tend to be basically self-cleaning.

After some time PV roofing shingles will certainly cover what you paid for them. So there are usually a number of points which ought to be taken into consideration once choosing amongst photovoltaic panels and tiles.


The roof tiles are produced together with thinner photovoltaic cells that harness a bit less solar energy than there silicon built cells implemented in solar panels. On the advantageous end while they can easily be added on sections of the home where large solar panels might be unacceptable.

Solar energy panels and roof tiles perform best whenever they are facing the area of the dwelling with the best exposure to the sun’s rays. In case this aspect is in the front of the dwelling an individual could possibly not be allowed or perhaps wish to put up massive solar panels. Solar roofing tiles may possibly become the only option within this sort of case. This is definitely a thing which an individual would certainly need to check with a solar professional about.


Various things have to be taken into consideration whenever analyzing value for money involving the two designs. The roof tiles can often be more expensive for the quantity of energy they create. Nevertheless they are also function as a roofing solution in order to keep out the weather as well. If your roofing should receive replacing anyway you are acquiring both solar along with new roofing for everything that you actually are paying for. Consequently the roofing tiles could possibly end up being less steeply-priced in this particular event.

If perhaps you at the present time currently have a brand new roof on your house then the panels would likely be less costly simply because an individual wouldn’t also have to add roofing to the actual expense associated with the installation. As a result part associated with the deliberation is actually just how old your roofing is. Furthermore there could possibly be additionally energy tax incentives in existence to help lessen the cost essential. You should be able to find out with the seller as they will probably be informed about each tax credits.

Overall appearance

The following will be where photovoltaic roof tiles triumph absolutely. They look a lot better compared with the solar panels. They usually are readily available in a wide variety of variations as well as colorings and they can easily be constructed in a great number of patterns to be able to adapt to ones specific house. They are not necessarily completely inconspicuous which means that it may possibly be a really good thought to have the actual solar tile situated upon your roof so that you can easily figure out if it suits your standards. They are more likely to be permitted by HOAs and historic districts.

Life Expectancy

Both the panels and the roofing shingles are usually expected to remain for twenty to possibly thirty years. That would likely be roughly as long as a shingled roof will endure if not somewhat more time. The majority of the actual roof tiles are usually fashioned to be swapped out in case they need to be fixed or stop working. Try to make sure that the warranty on the photovoltaic cell will be covered through the maker involving the photovoltaic and not the tile. The bigger photovoltaic makers tend to be a lot more likely to be around to be able to include the warranties than the particular shingle vendors.

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Black Streaks on My Roof

My Roof Has Black Streaks

This is a problem that will is present on large numbers of residences all around the US. The streaks happen to be a sort of algae labeled Gloeocapsa Magma. It is most established in SE part of the country and but has been spreading North so that much of the Midwest has recently been impacted. The shaded side of the residence would certainly commonly end up the most impacted section. This is usually credited to water evaporating more slowly than it is by the shade. Gloeocapsa Magma is actually really sturdy and holds up against high temperature ranges combined along with drought and Ultra-violet. The particular algae prefer raised levels of dampness.

Here’s some good news though. Although aesthetically displeasing the life of the actual roof will be not impacted by the black streaks.

The key cause for the propagation of Gloeocapsa magma is because of the heightened utilization connected with limestone in the manufacture regarding shingles. Limestone is utilized as filler because it is heavy; adding to the heft of the shingle and it is cheaper as opposed to asphalt. The actual organism feeds on the limestone. If you actually figure in the moist dynamics of the shaded area of the residence it causes a certain ideally suited condition for this kind of algae. The moment the algae arrive upon your roof it is going to get more and more visible. The algae can certainly be airborne and thus develops from roof to roof.

Just what exactly can possibly a person do? If your roof is not necessarily ready for replacement you may have it cleaned by way of a business that is skilled in this or you can perform it yourself. The DIY path is definitely hazardous and we do not encourage the idea. Many of the actual detergents on the industry have chlorine bleach. An individual will have to use proper care working with harsh detergents so as so that you cannot hurt your greenery. The people that provide you with this kind of service generally spray down the shrubbery utilizing normal water to make certain that it is not destroyed. The actual streaks will come back a great deal more swiftly compared to when they initially did the very first time mainly because an individual are in no way killing the spores but dyeing their black color shells that create the particular streaks.

The other remedy can be to attach zinc or copper strips close by the peak of the roof. The little quantity of the metal that leeches off when it rains will kill the algae. You actually probably will not see a transformation instantly; nevertheless it is actually an effective answer.

If you might be adding a all new roof and prefer to help to make sure that these types of don’t reappear help to make sure that you’re the one specifying the shingles installs algae resistant (AR) shingles. In the event that this black algae is widespread in your area then it really is probable that these types of roofing shingles will be the only versions which are going to get put on. This kind of algae resistant roofing shingles carries a number of copper covered granules combined with the typical mineral granules.

These work in the identical manner that the strips at the peak do. The more significant benefit will be that the copper is dispersed over the total roof rather of solely at the very top. This probably will prevent the probability associated with experiencing a greater attentiveness of copper on the very top of the roof, staying away from a lighter shade at the top when compared with at the lower side. The copper granules on the fresh roofing is going to minimize Gloeocapsa magma from taking hold on your roof along with the spread all over one’s own community.

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